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Tamber Johnson


A child of the 60's I was raised by a designer dad and a sharp business minded mom.  It's been noted by several clients that I bring a nice left brain/right brain balance to the business side of the creative process.  Tamco started in the analog era and has shepherded teams into the todays digital world. I have a passion for film in all formats, for creative problem solving and for taking care of people.





Production  •  Art Buying   •  Location Scouting  •  Permits  •  Casting  •  Craft Services + Catering  •  Logisitics  •  Prop Set build  •  Budget Building





Temerlin McLain  •  Sicola Martin  •  TLP  •  AT&T  •  Pepsico  •  Commerce House  •  Richards Group  •  GSD+M  •  The Integer Group  •  Texas Tourism  •  Frito Lay  •  Hasbro  •  Haggar  •  Coors Brewing  •  “Got Chocolate Milk”  •  Johnny Walker  •  General Motors  •  Cadillac CTS  •  Fallon  •  DFW Airport  •  DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse)  • NY Magazine





Geof Kern  •  Sandro  •  Eric Ogden  •  John Pardue  •  Paul Aresu  •  Jeff Baker  •  John Higginson  •  Maxine Helfman  •  Smallz + Raskind •  Brett Nadal  •  Jeff Stephens  •  Omri Astel  •  Pravda  •  Nancy Newberry  •  Richard Krall






(214) 564-7419

Tamco Productions  |  P.O. Box 570588  |  Dallas, Texas  75357



Nice things,
folks have said.


"Professional and dedicated but not subservient. Damn serious with a cherry on top."

professional / propelled / efficient / perfectionist / sculling / perseverant / determined / punctual / exacting / diplomatic / thorough / bad ass

"You have an agile problem-solving ability that few producers have taken to the level you’ve taken it to. You don’t just solve the problem – you solve it in a way that insulates me as a creative from even knowing it was really ever a problem in the first place."

"Handles all logistics so creatives can be creative."